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The Kenda Saga Continues

The summer of 1943 finds Kenda in the Philippines as part of the occupation forces.  Kenda’s friend is assigned a courier duty and his plane goes down in Manila Bay after he delivers a secret document to the Japanese embassy.  Was it an accident?  Kenda’s germinal psychic impressions tell him it was not.  The Intelligence Branch is too busy to commit resources to investigate the incident and they disregard it as pilot error.  Kenda volunteers to find out

His investigation takes him to the Japanese Headquarters in Manila.  He must consider the possibility of an act of sabotage by the local underground resistance; but Kenda and his assistants find much more than they bargained for.

Influential businessmen, Embassy officials, Imperial generals and admirals and a beautiful singer are at the center of a clandestine conspiracy.  Someone is willing to kill to protect it; but who?

At the center of all the activity is the famous hotel: The Twelve Palms, Manila.
Kenda’s men find clue after clue. In the end, Kenda must decide what is most important; his sworn duty to the empire, or his need to save lives and protect the innocent.