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Infinite Wisdom

Infinite Wisdom

April, 1945. Okinawa, Japan

 Commander Masaharu Kenda finds himself in a no-win scenario. American aircraft attack constantly as Kenda tries to stop the Kamikaze attacks that ensure the deaths of his countrymen.

Kenda is shot down during a desperate dogfight. A submarine rescue leads to his evacuation back to Japan.

With his best friend and mentor by his side, Kenda is assigned a new mission. Organized crime is trying to seize power as the Imperial government falters; pressured by air attacks and calls for an unconditional surrender.

As the bombs fall on Tokyo, the men of the Central Branch of the Intelligence Division must find a way to derail the corrupt corporations and allow the Emperor and the General Council time to find a solution for Japan.

Intrigue, revenge, and suspicion are the order of the day as the war nears its conclusion.  A beautiful spy, a mysterious assassin and a corrupt industrialist keep Kenda off balance as he tries to gather the evidence needed to put the dreaded Iwa-Sendai Corporation out of business.

“Infinite Wisdom” will keep you on the edge of your seat as the Kenda Saga comes to a conclusion.

Author T. Jack Lewis lived in Japan, where he studied the Buddhist philosophy. His work integrates thought-provoking observations of religion, with psychological drama and intrigue in a war-time setting.