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For the Glory of the Land of the Rising Sun

Finally!  A World War 2 story that sheds a positive light on the Japanese—The Kenda Saga is that story. Following the adventures of Imperial Navy Pilot Masaharu Kenda, who finds himself attached to the Imperial Army Air Forces in Manchukuo (modern Manchuria).  The Soviets have invaded Japanese territory on behalf of the Mongolians and the fighting has commenced. The story paints a picture of the good, honest men who are swept up in Japan's global ambitions. They hate their duties, but they do it for pride, for family, for Japan, and for their beloved Emperor.

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The First Novel

This is the first of five novels that follows the adventures of Masaharu Kenda, a young man that joined the Navy only because of his love of flying. He is thrown into a battle that he does not want, and must fight for his life and the lives of his fellow pilots.
It is a story of survival and personal growth.

The Setting

Taking place in Western Manchuria, in the early stages of World War II, Japan has forced a diplomatic agreement with the prince and Imperial forces have been installed in that province. Japan and The Soviet Union have engaged in an undeclared war over land claimed by Mongolia and contested by Manchuria. A detachment of Japanese Navy pilots are sent on a mission to observe and assist the efforts of the Japanese Army's 1st Chutai as they engage the Soviets in one of World War II's first modern air battles.

As the story evolves, Kenda is swept up in the Intelligence Division's operations. This begins a new and dangerous chapter in his military career; as he becomes a pawn in a clandestine scheme to neutralize a local resistance.

Fictitious Accounts of a Real War

Though the Mongolian/Manchurian border was host to this important battle in the summer of 1939, this story is a work of fiction. The characters are purely fictional. It contains a description of war missions that are purely fictitious, but there are references to certain factual occurrences.

The Opening

The story begins in present day California, with the news of the death of Kenda. It flashes back to the aircraft carrier Kaga and the story begins. The plot involves not only aerial combat, but also the problems encountered by an occupation force. The story includes necessary "R and R" liberty to the local village. Kenda meets and falls for a Christian woman that teaches him about her faith. As a Buddhist person, this is an eye-opening experience. A brief encounter with Islam occurs, and the story takes on new dimensions.