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Saint Barts Cover

The Heart of A War

The second story in The Kenda Saga takes place in French Indochina in 1941. Germany has marched into France and French Colonies and territories around the world have come under German control via the proxy of the puppet government set up in Vichy, France. The Empire of Japan has an alliance with the Germans and requests the Vichy French government to allow them access to Indochina. The French administration in Indochina resists the orders from Vichy; but their small Foreign Legion unit cannot stop the Japanese military machine.

The Yunnan Warfront

The Chinese Army in Yunnan Province needs supplies to combat the Japanese to the north, and a clandestine supply chain develops. Countries that oppose Japanese aggression send war materials by ship to Hai Phong, Indochina. From there, the supplies are shipped by any means available to hide them from the Japanese, and make their way across the country and into China.

Gripping and Exciting Action

The action is swift and exciting as Masaharu Kenda is thrown back into the dark world of intelligence operations. With his partner, Petty Officer Ikishi, he attempts to stop the flow of supplies to the Chinese. A Roman Catholic Church becomes the focal point of activities as they investigate. A mysterious nun gets Kenda's attention, and the local Viet Minh insurgency is always a step ahead. A sultry Viet businesswoman is also involved; but how?  Find out what happens in Book Two, as Kenda finds himself questioning his loyalties to his country and continuing his journey to Christianity. If you liked The Tiger's Den, you will be ecstatic to read Saint Barts.