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An Exciting Sage of Honor and Bravery

The Kenda Saga is a five-story series written by T. Jack Lewis of Monett, Missouri. This series chronicles the timeline of World War Two told from the side of the Japanese. It is about an innocent young man named Kenda that is fascinated by airplanes.  He joins the Imperial Japanese Navy and is in the service when the war starts, being swept into Japan's global aspirations.

The Series

The first book, The Tiger's Den is set in Manchuria, Northern China. The second book is titled Saint Barts and is set in French Indochina in 1941. The third is titled The Palms and is set in the Philippines in 1943. The fourth book is titled War Story; Rabaul and is set in New Britain from 1943 to 1944. The fifth and final book is titled Infinite Wisdom and is set in Okinawa and Honshu, Japan, where the war comes to a close in 1945.

Kenda's Story

The series is based on Kenda and the development of his spirit and as the war evolves. He grows with each terrible encounter with the enemy, and becomes a leader in the war effort. His story evolves over the five books and through it all, the one thing that makes this series of books different is that he has an unerring sense of  right and wrong. Kenda knows they are on the wrong side of the war. He knows that Japan is invading other countries and taking their resources by force, though he tries to minimize the pain and anguish caused by his country. Kenda is guided by spiritual visits from his grandfather.  He begins to develop his own fledgling psychic abilities.  He relies on this cryptic advise and finds a way to accomplish what is right in a whole world that is so wrong.



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