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"See, the one thing that connects all humans is our mortality. Everyone is going to die…someday. And when you think about that…really think about it; what is the difference between us and the Russians…after we die? See? Nothing. After we die, what are we? We are spirits. We have no country. We have no race. We have no gender. We have no possessions. No loyalty to an emperor or a cause. Nothing separates us."  From page 268 of The Tiger's Den.

The Epic Tale of a 1940s Japanese Warrior

Airplane - Second World War

This five-book series follows the adventures of a Japanese Navy Pilot during the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Second World War. The Kenda Saga shows these wars from a new perspective.

The Series

The first book in the series begins after Kenda joins the Imperial Navy.  He sees his first combat experiences during the undeclared war with the Soviet Union at the Mongolian border.

The Tiger's Den

The second book in the series, this follows Kenda as he becomes an intelligence officer and must find a way to stop the secret shipments of supplies to the Chinese Yunnan army.

Saint Barts

The Palms

The third book finds Kenda in the Philippines.  This story follows him through his investigation as he uncovers a huge conspiracy after the death of his friend.  He follows the leads to Manila, where he finds more than he bargained for.

The Palms

War Story: Rabaul

The fourth book takes place at the Japanese stronghold of Rabaul, New Britain.  The Japanese are preparing to invade Australia.  Kenda arrives and finds the battle raging, as the U.S. Marines have invaded Guadalcanal and now have an airfield within range of Rabaul.  Kenda must solve the tactical problem of the seemingly unstoppable American fighters.

War Story: Rabaul

Infinite Wisdom

Book 5 finds Kenda fighting the Americans in Okinawa.  He is shot down during a desperate battle and evacuated back to Tokyo where he rejoins the Intelligence Division.  As the war nears its conclusion, corrupt corporations attempt to seize power.  Kenda and his Intel colleagues must stop them.

Infinite Wisdom

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The Kenda Saga is a historical fiction war novel, written by T. Jack Lewis in Monett, Missouri. The fact that it is from the perspective of the Japanese makes this a unique story. People are not so different all over the globe, and this is just one example. We here in the United States revere our relatives and ancestors that fought so desperately in those epic battles. In Japan, they too, hold their World War II veterans in high esteem.  They recognize the terrible trials that each of them endured; just as men from so many countries did.  They fought, they endured, and they made history.  The most amazing generation this world has seen; on both sides of the ocean.

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